Altitude St-Côme - Live your ideal in the heart of nature

Build your dream property in the heart of the Altitude St-Côme estate and enjoy your future haven of peace.

Nature and unforgettable pleasures

Outdoor activities

Enjoy the natural beauty of St-Côme with a multitude of summer activities such as mountain biking, flying canoeing, kayaking, hiking at Chute-à-Bull, hunting and fishing, as well as Winter activities including federated ATV and snowmobile trails, snowshoes and cross-country skiing and downhill skiing at the Val St-Côme Ski Resort.

Services a few steps away

Amenities nearby

Take advantage of the proximity of our residential development to easily access essential amenities such as quality primary schools, the early childhood center, the medical clinic, the grocery store, the pharmacy, the SAQ, public transportation and transportation services. Caisse Desjardins.

Local flavors

Great gastronomic choice

Discover the hidden delights of St-Côme, where local gastronomy highlights regional products and unique specialties. Savor gourmet moments at the St-Côme Bakery, La Maison du Bonheur, Marcheur des Bois, Trécarré Microbrasserie, Resto-bar Le Pitch, restaurant chez Frank, On S'régale, etc.

Tranquility | Privacy | Welfare

Shape your vision of a fulfilling life surrounded by nature

Offering an excellent compromise between urban life and rural tranquility, Projet Altitude St-Côme is an invitation to live a peaceful life in harmony with nature. Let yourself be seduced by the pleasures of nature, creating an exceptional environment to live in your ideal home.

Whether you want to stroll along the trails, practice outdoor sports or simply recharge your batteries in a natural setting, our prime location offers you this unique opportunity.

Where life is good!

Converge towards nature

Respect | Harmony | Quality of life

Projet Altitude Inc. is a passionate family business, which favors a friendly approach, accompanying you in the discovery of your living environment through our large, rejuvenating and inspiring spaces. We are proud of our commitment to our responsible development, where nature and homogeneity come together in perfect harmony.

A commitment to biodiversity

By selectively and thoughtfully removing mature trees, we avoid excessive deforestation, preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings. This approach also allows new construction to coexist harmoniously with the surrounding environment, creating a balanced and sustainable living environment.

Canot volant

Canoeing and kayaking down the river

Ascension Sports

Mountain bike

La Chute-à-Bull


Montagne du Tranchant


Club VTT St-Côme

All-terrain vehicle

Val Saint-Côme tourist resort

Ski station

Municipal trails of Saint-Côme

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

Club Quad Matawinie


A panoramic view of our land