Realize your construction project in the magnificent Lanaudière region.

Projet Altitude St-Côme

Build your dream property in Lanaudière

Discover your future land among our 21 exclusive lots offering more than 44,000 square feet near the Ouareau forest.

  • Turnkey service
  • Construction project for owner occupier
  • No short term rentals 

Amenities nearby

Nature and unforgettable pleasures

Outdoor activities

Enjoy the natural beauty of St-Côme with a multitude of summer activities such as mountain biking, flying canoeing, kayaking, hiking at Chute-à-Bull, hunting and fishing, as well as Winter activities including federated ATV and snowmobile trails, snowshoes and cross-country skiing and downhill skiing at the Val St-Côme Ski Resort.

Services a few steps away

Amenities nearby

Take advantage of the proximity of our residential development to easily access essential amenities such as quality primary schools, the early childhood center, the medical clinic, the grocery store, the pharmacy, the SAQ, public transportation and transportation services. Caisse Desjardins.

Local flavors

Great gastronomic choice

Discover the hidden delights of St-Côme, where local gastronomy highlights regional products and unique specialties. Savor gourmet moments at the St-Côme Bakery, La Maison du Bonheur, Marcheur des Bois, Trécarré Microbrasserie, Resto-bar Le Pitch, restaurant chez Frank, On S'régale, etc.

Canot volant

Canoeing and kayaking down the river

Ascension Sports

Mountain bike

La Chute-à-Bull



Club VTT St-Côme

All-terrain vehicle

Val Saint-Côme tourist resort

Ski station

Municipal trails of Saint-Côme

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

Club Quad Matawinie


Visit the available fields today

We would be delighted to welcome you for a visit to your future ideal living haven. Come discover in person the environment that awaits you and let yourself be seduced by your future dream living environment.

What amenities are located near the residential development?

Our residential development is close to quality primary schools, a childcare center, a medical clinic, grocery stores, pharmacies, the SAQ, public transportation, and Caisse Desjardins services.

What outdoor activities are available in St-Côme?

St-Côme offers a variety of outdoor activities. In summer, enjoy mountain biking, flying canoe, kayaking, hiking at Chute-à-Bull, as well as hunting and fishing.

In winter, explore ATV and snowmobile trails, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and alpine skiing at Val St-Côme Ski Resort.

Where can one discover local cuisine in St-Côme?

St-Côme is rich in culinary choices, showcasing regional products and unique specialties. Explore establishments like Boulangerie St-Côme, La Maison du bonheur, Marcheur des Bois, Trécarré Microbrewery, Resto-bar Le Pitch, resto chez Frank, On S'régale, and more.